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Snovitra is one of the most effective products on the market to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Its active ingredient is vardenafil, which relaxes the penile muscles to expand the blood vessels for better blood flow to the penis.


MPN: Snovitra

Snovitra - Power 100 Mg

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90 tablet/s $135 $1.50
120 Tablet/s $174 $1.45
150 tablet/s $201 $1.34
300 Tablet/s $360 $1.20

Snovitra - Professional 20

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90 tablet/s $103 $1.14
120 Tablet/s $132 $1.10
150 tablet/s $157 $1.05
300 Tablet/s $285 $0.95

Snovitra - Soft 20 Mg

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90 tablet/s $103 $1.14
120 Tablet/s $120 $1.00
150 tablet/s $135 $0.90
300 Tablet/s $225 $0.75

Snovitra - Strong 40 mg

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90 tablet/s $108 $1.20
120 Tablet/s $132 $1.10
150 tablet/s $150 $1.00
300 Tablet/s $255 $0.85

Snovitra - Super Power 80 Mg

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90 tablet/s $126 $1.40
120 Tablet/s $156 $1.30
150 tablet/s $180 $1.20
300 Tablet/s $300 $1.00

Snovitra - XL 60 Mg

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90 tablet/s $117 $1.30
120 Tablet/s $144 $1.20
150 tablet/s $165 $1.10
300 Tablet/s $285 $0.95

Snovitra - 20mg

Pack Size Price: Price/unit Quantity Add To Cart
90 tablet/s $99 $1.10
120 Tablet/s $120 $1.00
150 tablet/s $135 $0.90
300 Tablet/s $225 $0.75

What Is Snovitra?

Snovitra a drug variant with potent generic Vardenafil in it belongs to the category of male erection-inducing drugs. This drug variant or the generic Vardenafil is popular in the US by another brand name known as Levitra.

The benefits of the drug can be seen by someone who is suffering from impotency problems have hampering issues for getting hardened erections.

About Snovitra

Snovitra belongs to the oral category of drugs and this means that you have to intake the pill via the mouth. The generic ingredient within the pills is Vardenafil is also the chief ingredient.

Generic Vardenafil has a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting tendency and this is how it can increase the flow of blood to the penis tissues that have the wholesome effect of increasing the rigidity in your erections.

Manufacturer of Snovitra

RSM Enterprises might not be one of the quite known drug manufacturing pins in India, but it is certainly a company to reckon with.

This is because of the company’s strong distribution networks through its registered wholesalers, distributors, and other agencies.

It is an emerging pharmaceutical brand coming up the ranks with many established partners and business acquisitions around the world that has led to a large market share of the company in recent years.

Strength and Dosage of Snovitra

The two of the most common doses of Snovitra doses are the 20 mg and the 40 mg dose. Within each pill, you get as many amounts of generic Vardenafil as is indicated by the number.

But apart from these two doses, there are other strengths of the dose too And one should be looking forward to a meeting with the doctor to find out a suitable dose.

Use of Snovitra

Generic Vardenafil has been so far medically approved for one end use only and that is to let the males have a strong rigidity in their erections.

When you use the pills for curing the ED disorder one should essentially as the doctor to examine if they are deemed medically fit to suit the efficacy of the drugs and not having any allergic tendencies to the use of this generic Vardenafil brand.

How to take Snovitra?

As we have already mentioned above that this brand is from the oral category of the pills and has to be effectively swallowed down your throat.

It’s not any pill for which you have to make a solution in water after crushing it. Neither is this a pill that has to be chewed upon. Once you have it in your mouth you are to swallow it whole down your throat and once it is in your stomach the constituents dissolve and mix with the bloodstream.

How does Snovitra work?

PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance generic Vardenafil will essentially start with the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones. What this action brings about is the increase of secreting amounts of cGMP hormone. When found in abundance cGMP can generate the vasodilation action on the blood vessels and arteries of the penis giving rise to more blood flow through the penis tissues.

Harder erection along with more sustenance power is observed on playful and manual stimulation.


The dose for any patient is likely to be administered and recommended upon by a doctor after carefully examining the patient.

Some critical conditions come into evaluation during this examining process which include the patient’s overall intake capability of the drugs, allergic tendencies with generic Vardenafil, use of other medicines, and addiction issues that are likely to cause possible contraindication situations and ED severity.

How long Snovitra shall be continued

The pill for Snovitra is to going to be administered as long as the doctor finds it fit for use on any patient.

Generally, the dose continuity and along the way the doctor may even change the dose sometimes.

During the first few weeks, the doctor is likely to start with a lower dose for the Snovitra brand such as its 20 mg pills. Then after a few weeks, the doctor may even increase the dose depending on the overall patient recovery rate. Expect this procedure to continue for at least a few months which may even increase to a few years.

Missed dose of Snovitra

Missing out a dose for Snovitra is going to put brakes on your ongoing treatment.  So do whatever you can but do not discontinue on the daily dose suddenly.

You can yield the maximum positive results from using the drug when you are using it daily without missing out on any doses even for a single day.


You don’t want to suffer from contraindication issues after taking your daily pill right?

Thus it is very much in need to make sure that all contraindication issues are avoided right till the end of your treatment.

On taking a look at the contradicting substances it can be subdivided into two major groups that are the non-medicinal category and the medicinal category.

Non-medicinal category

Within this list come alcohol, grape juice, and narcotic drugs like cocaine.

Medicinal category

Advisable to the patients on your first visit to the doctor is to take a sample for all medicines that you are currently taking. There are certain compounds such as nitrate derivatives that cause severe contraindication cases.

When not to take Snovitra

Avoid Snovitra brand and look for alternatives indicated by the doctor when-

  • You are found to have extreme allergic tendencies with generic Vardenafil
  • You are highly addicted to alcohol and drug use

Side Effects

A common indication when you are getting recurring nature of side effects is that either you are allergic to the use of the pills or the existing dose is more than what you need.

Side effects-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Rashes
  • Tremors
  • Itching
  • Palpitations
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing sensation in ears
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Pain in getting erections
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increase and irregular beating of the heart

Overdose Effects of Snovitra

Overdose effects can bring about side effects. Do not change the existing dose until you are getting any of the side effects which are common aftermath of overdose.

Precaution & Warning

General precautions to be followed by all patients include-

  • Avoiding contraindication substances
  • Avoiding overdose
  • Not taking in a dose again once the daily pill has been taken. The next dose has to be taken maintaining a time gap of at least 24 hours.

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